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Office Space for Lease

Wiley Post's Shamrock Building is currently available for lease.  This two-story building with an attached parking lot is ideal for office and training space.  The building has 10,535 square feet of interior space. The building sits on just over 2 acres and has a 36,490 square-foot parking lot. The entrance has an open atrium design with a staircase to the second floor. Another interior stairwell is located at the rear of the building. The basic layout includes perimeter offices, most of which have individual restrooms, and several meeting and training rooms.  For more information contact Kristy Slater, general aviation manager,, 405-316-3266. download full info here

Wings of Freedom Tour 2017

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Valair Aviation, a full service MRO and FBO facility at Wiley Post Airport, will host the Wings of Freedom Tour March 31 to April 2, 2017. The tour is open to the public and will showcase vintage aircraft including a WWII Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, a Consolidated B-24 Liberator, a B-25 Mitchell and a North American P-51 Mustang. Visit the website below for details on prices for entry and flights.

Visitors of the tour will be able to explore the aircraft inside and out as well as take a once-in-a-lifetime, 30-minute flight aboard one of the rare aircraft.  For full event details, visit

download full info here

Airport Improvements Continue at Wiley Post Airport

As work wraps up on Phase I of Wiley Post Airport’s runway and taxiway enhancement project, Phase II is ready to get underway. The multi-year projects will ultimately improve the quality and safety of the airfield.

The phasing plans call for the rehabilitation and improvement of drainage on the airport’s primary runway and parallel taxiway system along with upgrades to signage, runway lights and other navigational aids. The two phases combined are expected to take three years to complete with an investment of $8.1million. The primary source of funding for the projects is the Oklahoma City Airport Trust which will contribute over $4 million. Additional funding will come in the form of grants from the state of Oklahoma and the Federal government.

Phase II, which is scheduled to begin November 2, 2015, includes the following:

· Diamond Grinding pavement lips on Runway 17L/35R (approximately 18,000 sy)

· Joint, Crack, and Spall Repair on Runway 17L/35R

· Rubber Removal of Center 50’ of North 1,500’ and South 1,500’ on Runway 17L/35R

· Paint Removal and Remarking of Runway 17L/35R

· Pavement Grooving North 1,500’ and South 1,500’ on Runway 17L/35R

· Demolition of Taxiway A-8 between Runway 17L and Taxiway A

· Runway 17L/35R Drainage Improvements at the intersection of Runway 13/31

· Rehabilitation and Upgrade of Electrical Circuits, Conduit, Wire, Signs, PAPIs, and Guidance Lights on Runway 17L/35R

· Rehabilitation of the primary and secondary windcones

During this Phase, Runway 17L/35R will have an extended closure of approximately 182 working days.

Phase III is anticipated to begin in 2017. Items that will be addressed in this phase include but are not limited to:

· Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation on Taxiway A

· Concrete Joint, Crack, and Spall Repair on Parallel Taxiways A and B

· Rehabilitation and Upgrade of Electrical Circuits, Conduit, Wire, Signs, and Guidance Lights on parallel Taxiways A and B

· Installation of Taxiway Edge Lighting on Taxiway B

· Paint Removal and Remarking of Parallel Taxiways A and B

As with all significant improvement projects there will be operational challenges along the way, but when completed the upgrades will reinforce the airport’s reputation for excellence.